Fun, Safe, and Healthy Features to Add to a New Pool

Before you have a new pool constructed on your property, you want to take your time to ensure you consider all the features available. This will make your pool more enjoyable, safer, and even healthier for you and your family overall. Discuss these features with your contractor or the store where you will be buying your pool so you can work them into your budget and ensure you opt for the best features available.

1. Resistance jets

These jets create a current in your pool so that you can swim in one spot; the current provides drag you swim against. This can be a great way to get exercise and to practice your swimming strokes even if your pool is very small.

2. Fountain bubblers

A fountain bubbler can be a great addition to a pool because it's not only fun to play in but it also creates a very relaxing sound that you can enjoy throughout the day and evening. A fountain bubbler is a fountain that doesn't spray small streams of water into the air but creates what resembles a mini geyser. The sound of the bubbling can make for a very relaxing experience when you're poolside and the big bubbles are a fun diversion for kids.

3. Deck jets

Deck jets are placed next to your pool and they shoot a stream of water into the pool itself. This is also a fun diversion for swimmers and kids especially. If you add spotlights into the deck jets in various colors, these can add lots of personality and style to an otherwise plain pool space.

4. Waterfall

A waterfall is not that difficult to add to a pool; it can be shaped and formed with stacked rock or artificial stones that are very affordable. If you have the room and the budget, you might create a grotto or underground cave below the waterfall, and even add seating. This can be a fun place for the kids to play during the day and a very romantic place to sit for the adults in the evening. The sound of the waterfall can also be very relaxing when you're resting poolside, and if you use natural stone for its construction, it can make your pool look very natural and rustic.

5. Aggregates

Aggregates are stones, soft glass, and other additives that might be mixed in with the concrete used to pour a pool. If you've chosen concrete for your pool, add an aggregate to enhance the appearance and keep it from being too scratchy and uncomfortable against your skin.