Two Ideas for Pool Renovation During Autumn

The summer days are fading away, and it's time to finish the winterisation process of your pool now that nobody wants to use it. Once you have done so, however, this is also the perfect time to consider whether you want to make any changes to your pool because pool contractors have greater availability right now. Here are two popular changes to think about. Depth Changes Your pool depth needs change as years pass by.

Get Your Outdoor Swimming Pool Ready for Winter

If it's your first winter owning an outdoor swimming pool, you might be wondering what you're supposed to do. Can you simply leave your pool alone and hope for the best? No! You'll need to do some careful preparation to keep your pool in good shape. Not properly preparing can cause costly and inconvenient damage, with issues like algae, leaf build-up, and freezing over. You'll be glad of the work you did to protect your pool from the elements once the warmer months come around.

The Pros and Cons of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Pool owners can choose between suction pool cleaners, pressure pool cleaners and robotic pool cleaners. However, lack of sufficient information about these pool-cleaning methods may make it difficult for some homeowners to select the best pool cleaning method for their needs. This article discusses robotic pool cleaners. Use this information to decide whether this type of pool cleaner is the right one for you. What They Are Robotic pool cleaners operate independently from the pool filter and pump system.

What You Should Consider First Before Having a Custom Pool Built

If you have extra space in your backyard, you might be considering having a swimming pool built. Custom pools are a great option because the builder can give you the pool of your dreams, while also working with your home's natural landscape. However, there are some things you should think about first. Here are some things to consider before having the pool built. Calculate the Operating Costs While you may have determined that you can afford to pay the pool builder for the custom pool, labor, and materials, don't forget about your regular operating costs.

A Guide To Backwashing Your Sand Swimming Pool Filter

No matter how carefully you work to maintain the water quality in your swimming pool, the water will only stay clean and crystal clear if you backwash your sand pool filter regularly and correctly.  But how often should you carry out this job, and how just do you do it? Here's a simple guide to show you how. How often should you backwash your sand pool filter? You should backwash your sand swimming pool filter every couple of weeks in order to keep it clean and running to maximum efficiency.