Two Ideas for Pool Renovation During Autumn

The summer days are fading away, and it's time to finish the winterisation process of your pool now that nobody wants to use it. Once you have done so, however, this is also the perfect time to consider whether you want to make any changes to your pool because pool contractors have greater availability right now. Here are two popular changes to think about.

Depth Changes

Your pool depth needs change as years pass by. You may require a shallower pool to meet the needs of your young children so they can always reach the bottom, or you may decide to deepen the pool once your children get older and want to swim more and play less. Whatever the reasons for a depth change, your swimming pool builder can accommodate this for you without having to remove the pool completely.

To make a pool deeper, the builder will drain the water from the pool and then remove the bottom by chipping it out. Once it has gone, the builder relocates any pipe or drainage sitting in the soil. They then dig to the new depth required, fill the base with crushed rock for new drainage and compact that layer. Finally, the new bottom concrete is laid and then painted to match the rest of the pool. Making a pool shallower is a lot easier because of the application of a new base layer on top of the existing pool bottom.

If you are happy with the current depth of your pool, you may still like the idea of a Baja sun shelf.

Baja Sun Shelf Addition

Have you ever visited a beach resort and looked longing at the sun loungers sitting on the edge of the water? You can have this in your pool with the addition of a Baja sun shelf. This sun shelf involves your pool builder making a change to the existing entry step at the shallow end of your pool.

Once the water is removed from the pool, the step can be enlarged to a size where it will accommodate several sun loungers sitting side by side. An extra bonus of a Baja sun shelf is it is a large area in the pool that young children can play on. This may add resale value to your home if a family with young children is interested in your home at resale time.

Get your pool renovation done now while you have plenty of time to get the changes into place before your pool becomes a favourite hangout joint next summer.