Common Spa Problems and How to Fix Them

Relaxing inside your spa or hot tub is a great way to end a manic day. When your spa becomes a regular fixture in your relaxation routine, it's hard to imagine life without it. Unfortunately, there will probably come a time when a spa repair is necessary. By learning more about some of the common problems you could face, you can help your spa last longer.

The Jets Aren't Working

Finding that your spa's jets aren't working is frustrating, especially as they play a key part in soothing your muscles. Check the filter before doing anything else, as a blocked filter can stop jets from functioning. If the filter isn't to blame, you may be dealing with an airlock. Try turning the pumps on and off a few times to see if you can shift the airlock. When both of those measures fail, you may need to call a professional so they can address the issue.

It Won't Heat Properly

Having a spa that won't heat can feel pointless, as it's the heat of the water that helps to induce a sense of relaxation. Low flow from the pump can cause heat issues, so try switching it on and off a few times to release potential airlocks. As with jets that won't function, having a clogged filter can cause heat issues too. Otherwise, you may need a pool contractor to come and assess whether the heating breakers are suffering from corrosion. When the pH of your spa routinely falls below 7.0, corrosion is likely to happen.

It's Getting too Hot

While a hot spa is enjoyable, there is such a thing as too much heat. In the majority of cases, a spa that's too hot is due to user error rather than something that requires a fix. Check the heat settings and see if adjusting them fixes your problem. If your overly hot spa remains a mystery after checking the settings, ask a professional to take a look to see if there's a system glitch.

The Control Panel is Displaying Errors

Your spa's control panel is central to an enjoyable experience. When it starts to display errors, don't assume it's malfunctioning. Take a look at the spa's manual to see if you can match the error code to a specific problem. Some errors are easy to fix. For example, if you see the word DRY, it probably means you don't have enough water in there. If you don't feel confident addressing an error, request a spa repair from a professional.

To learn more, contact a spa maintenance and repair service.