What You Need to Know About Pool Equipment Maintenance

Your swimming pool equipment helps keep your pool water clean and safe for swimming, but is it getting enough maintenance attention? Maintaining your pool equipment is hard work, but if you don't get the 'work' done, you will spend more time fixing rather than enjoying your pool.

Read along to learn about the main types of pool equipment and why they need to be kept in good working shape.

Pool pump

At the heart of your swimming pool operation is the pump. Its primary job is to circulate pool water so that it does not stagnate. Stagnant water not only looks unsightly but can be a breeding ground for disease-causing mould, parasites and bacteria.

Over time, your pool pump can lose its 'prime' and will require priming. Pump priming involves releasing any air trapped within the system to allow enough water back into circulation. 

Regular pool pump maintenance helps identify and solve problems that can prevent your pump from working properly, thus affecting your pool's water flow.

Pool filter

Many things can cause pool water to become dirty. These include:

  • Dirt from the human body
  • Dust from the wind
  • Decomposing leaves
  • Sediment from stormwater runoff
  • Bird droppings

To eliminate dirt and other substances from your water, your pool equipment includes a filter. As the pool pump circulates water through the system, the pool filter traps dirt particles so that only clean water is recirculated into the pool.

As more and more dirt collects on the filter, it may become clogged, allowing dirt to escape back into your pool. A clogged filter will also hamper water flow, potentially allowing air to enter the system.

Maintaining your pool filter will help keep your pool water clean and prevent pump issues.

Pool heater

Your pool requires a heating system, just like your home. But pool heating systems are used to heat the water rather than the air inside a building. Heating your pool water helps maintain the appropriate water temperature for swimming. Cold water not only sucks the fun out of swimming but carries risks.

Keeping your pool heater in tip-top condition will help maintain a safe and comfortable water temperature so that cold water won't stand in the way of the fun.

Regular maintenance of your pool equipment is essential to avoid water quality issues and maximise the performance and durability of the equipment itself. Contact a local pool contractor today to book an equipment maintenance appointment for your pool.