What You Should Consider First Before Having a Custom Pool Built

If you have extra space in your backyard, you might be considering having a swimming pool built. Custom pools are a great option because the builder can give you the pool of your dreams, while also working with your home's natural landscape. However, there are some things you should think about first. Here are some things to consider before having the pool built. Calculate the Operating Costs While you may have determined that you can afford to pay the pool builder for the custom pool, labor, and materials, don't forget about your regular operating costs.

A Guide To Backwashing Your Sand Swimming Pool Filter

No matter how carefully you work to maintain the water quality in your swimming pool, the water will only stay clean and crystal clear if you backwash your sand pool filter regularly and correctly.  But how often should you carry out this job, and how just do you do it? Here's a simple guide to show you how. How often should you backwash your sand pool filter? You should backwash your sand swimming pool filter every couple of weeks in order to keep it clean and running to maximum efficiency.

Fun, Safe, and Healthy Features to Add to a New Pool

Before you have a new pool constructed on your property, you want to take your time to ensure you consider all the features available. This will make your pool more enjoyable, safer, and even healthier for you and your family overall. Discuss these features with your contractor or the store where you will be buying your pool so you can work them into your budget and ensure you opt for the best features available.

To DE or Not to DE: Which Type of Pool Filter Is Suitable for Your Location?

When choosing a type of filter system for a swimming pool, most of us will prioritise low cost, ease of maintenance, and perhaps energy efficiency and low water usage. However, the demands that will be placed on your pool filter by the surrounding environment are often overlooked. A pool filter suitable for small, urban pools can find itself hopelessly clogged with sand and dust if fitted to a pool out in the middle of the desert.

Benefits of Hiring a Pool Service Company

Pool maintenance can be a drag especially when you have to do it yourself. It is for this reason that pool service contractors come in handy to home owners. In Australia, there are various pool service companies offering pool construction and after-construction services. There are several benefits of contracting pool service to a company rather than carrying out the maintenance on your own. Regular pool cleaning and maintenance Different pools require different maintenance regimes.